"My Micro Dynamic Market Portfolio investment advisory produced a 450% gain in 28 months!"
--Clay Mahaffey Editor, Micro Dynamic Portfolio

Hello. My name is Clay Mahaffey. I’m the founder and chief analyst at the Micro Dynamic Portfolio financial advisory, where we specialize in research on micro cap stocks – companies with a market cap between $50 million and $500 million.

I don’t mean to brag, but our stocks picks have 450% cumulative returns over the past 24 months. Imagine, in this economy, turning a $10,000 grub stake into a $45,500 windfall, quadrupling your money in just over two years – with picks like these:

  • Sify Technologies – up 258% in 120 days.
  • K-V Pharmaceutical Company – up 205% in 58 days.
  • Arena Pharmaceuticals – up 181% in 22 days.
  • Zagg Inc. – up 92% in 132 days..
  • Tri-Tech Holding – up 78% in 58 days.
  • Atlas Energy – up 58% in 60 days.
  • Intest Corporation – up 48% in 30 days.
  • Imperial Sugar – up 46% in 60 days.
  • Silicon Graphics – up 43% in 90 days
  • Flotek Industries – up 40% in 185 days.

These trades are even better when you measure the returns on an annualized basis. For Sifty Technologies, we pocketed a 774% annualized gain. And on Zagg, the annualized gain for the trade was 253%.

My background in brief: I have 35 years of business, financial, and entrepreneurial experience. An analyst for several hedge funds, I worked with an SEC Registered Investment Advisor and have held Series 7 and 65 licenses.

I was a member of the New York Society of Securities Analysts. I received a 5-star rating from Yahoo Finance for stock performance results.

In the Micro Dynamic Market Portfolio, our methodology identifies micro cap stocks with the potential for above-market-average returns by exploiting anomalies and inefficiencies in segments of equity markets. Stock selection is based on proprietary hybrid technical, fundamental, and valuation inputs.

The universe we follow is similar to the Russell 2000 and holds about 1,500 companies with market caps between $50 million and $500 million. The top 10% of Russell 2000 stocks generate returns of 20% to 30% per month. Cutting-edge software determines other factors that identify stocks that have the potential for significant gains.

The bottom line: we can help you rack up returns that clobber the market averages, and we can do it in compressed periods of time – days or weeks instead of months or years. Become a Charter Subscriber to the Micro Dynamic Portfolio today and save 50% off the list price. And there’s no risk or obligation of any kind.

Clay Mahaffey
-Editor, Micro Dynamic Portfolio